Alive Recordings

Alive Recordings




And have been since 2008 when DJ Tom Budden spawned the label as an outlet for his burgeoning desire to produce. At the tender age of 2 and still in our creative infancy our raison d’être is simple; to release records with ‘that’ groove. You know it well. It’s that one keeps people moving; on dance floors all across the globe; every Saturday night; and in unison.

Just like ‘The Tree Dance’, ALiVE Recordings’ 10th release which found its way into the hearts of clubbers via the record boxes of Ritchie Hawtin, Steve Angello and through the Global Underground mix series.

By keeping a finely tuned ear (I think it’s the left one) to the ground, Tom has recruited a band of deep/tech house collaborators to help pump this life blood into weekend manoeuvres. Fresh artists like Teva, Pedramovich and Lemon Popsicle as well as more familiar characters like Yousef, Jet Project and Arnaud Le Texier have all made a worthy contribution to our success thus far.

As a young record label we’re still learning to walk. But our inspiration comes from living, breathing and loving the scene. You might say we’re wise beyond our years in that respect. And the one thing this experience has taught us:

Melodies and crescendos define moments on a dance floor, but the groove keeps it ALiVE!