In 1970, the 18th century Plannels family ‘finca’ was baught by Maria Fuencisla Martinez de Campos. The house soon to become Amnesia turns into a meeting point for idealists and hippies playing in live bands with friends dancing till dawn, preparing vegetarian meals, ecstasies, smoking and experimenting LSD.

One fine day in May 76, Antonio, a young man born in Madrid, with a degree in philosophy rent the house planning to do a discotheque and the next day he realized that just one word explained all this atmosphere he wanted to sell. This of course was Amnesia and that is how Amnesia was born.

The Ibizencan discotheques introduce the magic of open rooftops that stood for some years before the authorities stopped them. In the 90’s, the Berlin wall comes down and house music becomes international. Thousands of young people invade Amnesia. It started to become famous worldwide.

Today the discotheque has one of the most advanced sound systems (Expanded Amnesia Technology) due to the dynamic electronic process. Its function is to analyze and submit frequencies that provoke the human body to feel sensations that compare to having a sound massage. In 2009 Amnesia installed a system of 24 color lasers with the latest technology controllable like a robot. The combination results in a spectacle unimaginable.

Currently Amnesia is about to begin to open franchises in four key destinations.



Hailing from Paris, POPOF is one of the most widely recognized names within the world of house and techno. A former member of cult Parisian free party underground collective, Heretik System, POPOF has since been brought to an international stage with countless tours and a now global fanbase.

Luca Donzelli

Interacting with people by telling them a story made of music, behind two turntables, has always been his distinctive feature.Bigpassion, refined style and maniacal attention for every detail, are the values that have always characterized Luca Donzelli, even when, only twenty years old, he made his first steps in the world of clubbing. Thanks to his engaging sets and to the originality of his ideas, he succeeded to make himself appreciate in the tuscany’s music scenary since he was really young.In the following years he became resident dj of some local clubs and, thanks to his dedication to job, “the bet” turned into a real talent! The next step came when he made music production has his workhorse. In fact, are tracks like “Bottle Of Truth”, ” Danzen Appeal”, “Burn ThatGasoline”,and “Daemonesque” that promote him worldwide, bringing him shortly to cooperate with more and more important labels, as Titbit Music or Wow! Recordings”. Here started a big collaboration with Mar-t, Wow label’s chief, and his crew. A high cooperation that brings Luca, with his amazing studio’s ideas, to big important international music stages like the Sonar Week in Barcelona. His fascinating style behind the consolle and the success of his music works, played and supported by the best djs in the world, make us understand that these are just a few of the big surprises that this talented artist is keeping for the international electronic scenary.One of the next big step is Amnesia Opening Party 2014 in Ibiza!