ATB is German DJ named Andre Tanneberger producing under the label of Kontor Records and Armada Music. He is also musician and is wellknown as a producer of trance music.

He was ranked as world number 1 according to “The DJ List”

In 1992, he started composing music and soon later his music career with Sequential One, a german group. After the great success in his native Germany, Sequential One gradually became known worldwide.

But with the departure of two members from the project, Sequential One ceased to exist and Tanneberger started a solo project named ATB.

His first track under this name was “9pm (Till I Come)” on the Movin’ Melodies album topped the United Kingdom music charts. He is famous as the UK’s first trance number one. The track features a guitar riff that became hugely popular. This guitar sound became the trademark of his early hits. ATB continues to evolve and change with every album. His current style involves more vocals and varied sounds, with frequent pianos.

He has scored big hits such as “I Don’t Wanna Stop” and his cover of Olive’s 1996 hit “You’re Not Alone”.