Cesar de Melero

Cesar de Melero

He was already there in the beginning of the club culture in Spain, listening, selecting and clicking. Long before exercises as a DJ in British Isles and French capital best clubs, Cesar de Melero was part of the late 70s hippie first wave in Ibiza. Its vinyl delighted the KU night club, and in the ’80s, did the same in Ars Studio, Barcelona.

Cesar de Melero is one of the pillars of the house music in Spain, one of the promoters and pioneers of this sound in this country.

With 30 years of career behind the decks, his work has been recognized in the best clubs in Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, London, Tel-Aviv, Euro Disney, Miami, Moscow, Bogota, Bali, Dubai, Casablanca and Buenos Aires and throughout the national territory.

He was one of the creators of the “Balearic Beats” sound especially on the island of Ibiza in the 80s. The “White Island” led him to international recognition.

He was resident DJ at Ku in Ibiza (Privilege) for 10 years, one of the first DJ’s in Space Ibiza, one of the first DJ’s residents at Pacha Ibiza, Amnesia resident DJ at the party “People from Ibiza” for 6 years and the first to keep prodding house and acid House in Ibiza.

In 1994 Cesar de Melero created with three other partners in Paris, the label PRO-ZAK TRAX, one of the most renowned “French Touch”.