Chris Coco

Chris Coco

Chris Coco is a DJ in dance music since the ’80s. He has marked Ibiza Night Club with electronic and deep house music, always standing between the chill, the ambient and the downtempo.

You surely remember the Coco Club and all those years of very particular music he produced all along his career.

Gecko Beach Club Formentera Volume Two has been compiled and mixed by Chris Coco and Pete Gooding, two fans of Ibiza and Formentera beach sunsets.

A perfect complement to our change of dinning emphasis at night with a modern Formenteran menu.

Pete Gooding acted as a profesional of sunset sessions since a decade at Café Mambo, so the night time vibe at Gecko follows his Ibiza connection but very much true to the spirit of Gecko Beach.

The Gecko is an experience for the jet-set celebrities, families and friends in a very comfortable space surrounded by an attentive and considerate staff.

Come down and Enjoy!