David Phillips

David Phillips

Born in Bristol, from 12 years old David spent his adolescent years in southern Spain. This place, famous for its nightlife had David already running a bar with friends by the age of 18. After a brief spell working back in the UK and travelling he set down in Ibiza.

After a few years as a travelling barman and running his own place in Barcelona he took to the decks. He soon had residencies in Ibiza at Salinas Beach, Pacha, Manumission’s infamous Motel and The Rock Bar. In 1999 he became resident of Home in London and Homelands festivals. At the time of the club’s premature demise he had begun to play regularly around Europe and in 2002 moved to Zurich.

Coming from a musical background of Rock, Hip Hop, electro, funk, dub reggae and breaks In 2002 David played a season inside at Dc10’s Circo Loco parties. This gave him a chance to play a harder, darker version of the eclectic approach inspired by living in Ibiza and latterly Brighton. 80s disco, electro and breaks next to tough techno and deep house.

The Home crew took him back on board as resident at Space on Sundays for their We Love parties. An eclectic approach to the current wave of electro, italo, rock, punk-funk and spaced-out disco has gained him a reputation as a dj who plays a modern, darker and more twisted take on the Balearic tradition.