Dj Jondal

Dj Jondal

DJ Jondal owes his name to one of the most “chilly” beaches of Europe’s, the Cala Jondal in Ibiza.  DJ Jondal is Martin A. Unger from Germany.

His enormous music background (DJ since 1976 and record-collector since his childhood) build the fundament on which Jondal is moving around as an anchorman in the local chillout scene. He started in 1976 and for 13 years, he worked with Alex Azary (Elektrolux), he had put together the very successful selection of the night-loops “Space Night” for BR television.

Therefore, over the past years fans have been won for a sound, which has outgrown the term “underground”. Besides all these activities, he is working on his own global chill-out-music-network.

In 2004, Jondal started his own company under the name jondaljazz and after created the radio cult show klassik lounge for Klassik Radio including many CDs and compilations. DJ Jondal can surely be mentioned, as one of Europe’s leading chillout and lounge music DJs.