Dj Pippi

Dj Pippi

Born in Italy as Giuseppe Nuzzo, Dj Pippi always had some special relationship with music. After having started singing at the age of 7, he already knew he had something to do with music. In the early 70s he was the lead singer in his little band and played in many concerts at school, but unfortunately he couldn’t sing…

He studied Fashion Design and music and was considered by his friend as someone coming from another planet. As a teenager, he  moved at 16 years old, following his parents in Dusseldorf, Germany where he started doing what he really liked with the music and fashion world. In 1973, it was disco, soul, funk, Genesis, Pink Floyd…

While he was at Malesh in Dusseldorf, the DJ was missing so that he started djing and never stopped since then.

In 1979, after a friend told him he should really go to Ibiza with his vibe, he went at Pacha and was really freaked out, both about the atmosphere and the place, and hoped that one day  he would get to play in there.  The year after, he started at Easter doing some days in Germany and some days at Pacha introducing basically black music.

He evoluates with his music always keeping a balance. He combines the qualities of a lively and creative mind with a lovely human being connected to the roots of Ibiza and its future.

Retrieve DJ Pippi every year with a beautiful choice of summer songs inspired by the sirocco of Playa d’en Bossa, one of the most-beloved beach.