Fabrizio Levita

Fabrizio Levita

Fabrizio Levita is a famous Italian Pop Singer. In the 2004 Sound of Frankfurt  Live Performance, he captured the 30,000 enthusiastic fans. The same year, he also composed the official Olympic song for Athens.

In 2007, he was a protagonist in the Friedrichstadt Palace, the world ‘s largest revue theater. He made the song “Rhythm in Berlin”, composed for artists like Loona or Sakis Rouvas, a quadruple – platinum album played in numerous radio stations  and well-known brand products.

In 2009, the musical diversity of the artist is obvious in his remake of the original classic ” Careless Whisper” by George Michael, a charming music video that has emerged in the bitter cold in Moscow.

In 2010, the charming , likeable entertainer sings at the Japan tour of ” 12 Tenors “.  As the only pop singer in the formation, he performed with 11 other singers  in 13 Japanese cities.

In 2011, Fabrizio Levita sings “Oh Yeah Chorus ” in the world hit ” Mr. Saxobeat “, #1 in countries such as Italy, Germany and the UK as well as front chart positions in Canada and the United States.

Christmas 2011, he sings in the most elaborate Christmas show of all time on the largest theater stage, the Friedrichstadt Palace.

In 2012, Fabrizio Levita returns to the big TV stage back “Game Show meets Talent Show “.

Since January 2012, “He is the Nation” with the Fabrizio Levita trio.

In 2014, he launches Penthouse Ibiza Sunset Lounge, a stylished Pop album.

Now, after six single releases in English and in Italian  and over 1000 successfully completed live performances over the past 10 years, the journey continues.