Front Of House Recordings

Front Of House Recordings

Double J Music is a production company and record label based in the UK, founded by twin brothers Jonathan and James Kinnear.

Since 2020, Front of House Recordings is their new dance music label.

In 2016, Double J launched its playlist network on Spotify, curating a diverse range of new music in genres ranging from commercial dance to classical piano. Amassing over 100,000 followers across its playlists in less than a year, the playlists are now among the fastest growing on Spotify, establishing Double J as a key tastemaker in the streaming world.

Via their label, Double J also specializes in artist development, and have launched and developed the careers of many exciting talents. They achieved recent success with British singer Grace Grundy, producing and releasing all her material to date. Since launching with debut release “Sketches” in 2016, Grace has seen success skyrocket, building from zero to over 80,000 subscribers on YouTube, and racking in 20 million streams on Spotify.

Beyond their own record label, Double J have produced music for numerous international and established acts. Their stripped back, acoustic arrangements for the likes of Jasmine Thompson have amassed more than 100 million streams on Spotify to date. Their music regularly appears in TV shows worldwide, with recent appearances on Law & Order: SVU, The Good Wife, Love Island and So You Think You Can Dance to name but a few.

As a songwriting team, J&J specialise in commercial dance, and have written tracks for many international and bestselling artists and DJs. They penned various tracks for Cascada, including songs on their UK Top 10 album Evacuate The Dancefloor (certified Gold). They have recently written singles for Vicetone (Spinnin’ Records) and Charming Horses (Sony Music).