Giuseppe Tuccillo

Giuseppe Tuccillo

Tuccillo was born in Italy and has been a producer for longer than 15 years being a self-taught virtuoso of the electronic sound.

TUCCILLO is one of the more prolific producers of the current music scene. Deep, chill out, minimal, R’n’B or Ultra lounge, no genre resists his talent, blending the electronic and analogical components to obtain his own and unmistakable sound.

Established in Ibiza a few years ago, the creativity and style of his work is requested by heavyweights of the musical scene. His sound is known on radio and worldwide labels, his compositions are included at the most important charts, with productions that will guarantee and confirm him as one of the most promising music creators.

His ample knowledge and experience as a musician, and the good taste he displays in his concept of what dance music should be about in the dawn of the XXI century, define his very success and the unique character that impregnates his musical saunter…