Irma Records

Irma Records

The IRMA records born in 1988 in Bologna by Umbi Damiani and Massimo Benini.

In those years in Italy it rose the House Scene and the Productions of IRMA also focused initially on this genre. Since from the beginning the first international successes came: Soft House Company, Be Noir, Mozart & Master Freez and especially the world of dance hits Double Dee “Found Love”, which topped the dance charts around the world, include the number 1 of the USA Billboard Dance Charts. In the early ’90s, IRMA was focus on the first Album of Jestofunk “Love in a black dimension” and on the singles extracts from it (“Can we live”, “Say It Again”, “I’m gonna love you”), the result was that it arrived at the top of international rankings. The initial musical style was then evolved into many different genres starting from Acid Jazz and Trip Hop. In regard of the Artist Albums developing, the more important were: Sarah Jane Morris, Bossa Nostra, Ohm Guru, Black & Brown, Gazzara.

Also during those years in Italy appeared the Italian hip hop scene and IRMA discovered one of the most important Artist who first gained popularity: Frankie Hi Nrg with the song “Fight Da Faida”. On the 2004, finally another big international success arrived with the Brazilian Duo Kaleidoscopio, who had the highest of radio listeners as well as in Italy, in Europe and in Japan with the smash hits “Voce me apareceu”.

On the same year the first single of Max Sedgley “Happy” was released in England, and it became a hit in britain clubs first and then in all over the world, it was also chosen for the campaign song of Bacardi Rum worldwide.

From 2008 IRMA was start open to a indie music ranging from pop to rock also passing on the electro scene. The spring of 2010 was the time to the debut Album of the italian composer Nerio Poggi, aka Papik with “Rhythm of Life” and with the single “Staying for Good” which has been played in Italy on Radio DeeJay, RMC Radio Montecarlo, Radio 105, Radio Capital; Papik also has very good feedbacks from Japan and his approaching to have a tour there in partnership with the Blue Note in Tokio.

In order to keep the old way in the jazz, soul bossa genres, part of the new IRMA’s roster are also: Aaaron Tesser And The New Jazz Affair (the second album under IRMA label) Ely Bruna (the debut album) and Nu Braz (the new album Baticumbum was released also in Brazil thru the label Dubas).

Also “I already love you”, the second album of Sara Lov (american Artist formerly known as the frontwoman of Devics duo), the album of Roberto Passera “Gringo on the rocks”, the ‘Maestro Garofalo debut album called “Coffee connection”, the Snipplers and their second job “A Year of shaking”.

For this 2012 IRMA plan to release the debut album of Sir Frankie Crisp and Locomotif, the second album of Papik “Music Inside”, the new album of the brazilian jazz singer Ithamara Koorax and many others.