Jonathan Ulysses

Summer 2013, Jonathan will continue into a 17th year as one of the longest running residents of super-club ‘Space’, Ibiza, a mecca of Dance music that many would agree is the greatest of its kind in the world. Recent years have seen a stream of live acts take hold of many of the biggest events on the white isle, but Jonathan delivers an experience with the art of mixing that doesn’t require a band to demand the attention of all that are present. With 14 seasons behind him as a resident at ‘We Love’, Jonathan’s beautiful relationship with the Ibiza super brand shows no signs of slowing as season number 15 blasts into ‘Space’.

Revolutionary and permanently cemented into the foundations of House music, Jonathan Ulysses is a mesmerising presence and an unmistakable spectacle in any of the multitude of countries he has entertained.

His thirst for showering the world’s greatest stages in his instantly recognisable performances doesn’t end in Ibiza, not by a long shot. His recent global calendar has seen him stretched from Sandance (Dubai), to El Divino (Dublin), to M.O.B Festival and the Edge (Brazil), to Sounds of the Summer (New Zealand), Pacha (Germany), Tank (Australia), Club Space and Billboard (Miami), and to Ministry of Sound and Pacha (UK), where he is a highly regarded regular. You may have seen Jonathan in Singapore, China, South Korea, or any of the swarm of countries he has visited to treat. A killer schedule, but one that Jonathan lives for.