Pakito Baeza

Pakito Baeza

Pakito Baeza has been an educator and freelance percussionist in Alicantes University since 1996. He learned Afro-Cuban percussion with Armanda Garcia Perez from the Instituto Cervantes de Cuba.

Pakito specializes in recording sessions with flamenco and jazz- fusion genres artists¬†such as George Brown, Rubem Mooses, Ximo Tebar, Mingo D’ Acosta, Lou Bennett, Juan Munguia (Irakere), and Paco de Lucia in Spain. He also plays percussion with the Cuban dance company Narcissus Medina featuring the dancer Lino Zorrilla. Pakito also accompanies Compay Segundo, Raul Towers, Martha Fields (Nova Trova Cubana), Manu Tenorio (OT), Safri Duo, and Matipen (Forum BCN).

Among his credits are listed “Percuba 98” (Havana) with Roberto Vizcaino, Pedro Vega, Enrique lalillo and Pla (Irakere). That year, he also studied and played at Berklee College of Music with Giovanni Hidalgo. He also played with Mike Mossman, Brad Melhaud, Chuck Silverman, Deborah Carpenter, and Bruce Barth during the V International Festival of Jazz in Cullera, Spain.

Currently, Pakito Baeza gives master classes of Latin Percussion in various cities throughout Spain and also records with DJs and dance music producers.