Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez was born in New-York City. And as New-York DJs David Morales and Danny Tenaglia, he became an icon of the European party scene, especially in the Spanish island of Ibiza, notoriously known worldwide for the hedonistic lifestyle and nightlife.

The crafting of Roger Sanchez, the DJ, started in the late 80s in Corona, Queens, where as a young man he was enticed by the early roots of hip-hop sprouting all over New York. Attending parties by the Bronx River and other jams as a break-dancer and graffiti artist, Sanchez was introduced to DJing through friends, trying his hand in an organic environment where his creativity behind the decks flourished from a few singles into an ambitious catalogue of over two thousand original productions and remixes.

Along with productions under his own name, Sanchez has released music under a slew of monikers, including S-Man, Roger S., The Nu-Solution, Underground Solution, DV8, Ego Trip, El Mariachi, The Funkjunkeez, Tribal Infusion, Twilight, and Transatlantic Soul amongst others. Each new name has allowed him to push his music in unique yet blended directions, allowing him to carve parallel and weaving paths through the tastes of the times while enjoying opportunities to break out of the known.

When he released his first album “First Contact”, the single “Another Chance” hit the  # 1 in the UK Singles Chart.

He also leads a radio show called “Release Yourself” that has 1 200 000 listeners worldwide. In 2004, Sanchez won his first Grammy for Best Remix Recording for his remix of No Doubt “Hella Good”.