Tanit Beach Ibiza

Tanit Beach Ibiza

Elegant decor, chilled and house music, excellent service & exquisite food makes Tanit Beach Ibiza the place to relax, enjoy and disconnect just beside its well known little sister, Nassau Beach Club Ibiza, on the golden shores of Playa d’en Bossa. Opened in 2015, Tanit Beach Ibiza is the sophisticated jewel of Ibiza beaches with blue water and white sand on which extend canopies and chairs on which you can relax while eating healthy foods or drinking fabulous cocktails.

On summer 2017 weekends, the music gets house, chill house with the DJs residents Abel Pons as well as Mariano Somoza that will perform every Tuesday at 1:00 pm his show “Old’s School” accompanied by Chino Paino.

Abel Pons, is Valencian based in Ibiza since 2001. He has a long background as DJs in Ibiza’s nightclubs. They met four years ago in a music production course, their passion for music made them connect right away and they decided to bet on their own project, New Game. Abel Pons and David Beltran share a passion and they will go for it all. Their project is called New Game, and is a hundred percent Ibiza, sounds of the 80’s and modern at the same time and has already made the tracks of Privilege and Pasha vibrate. And they are a lot more hungry.

Rock guitar with eighty touches, piano, voice and a new electronic base are the trump cards of the group, which has been released to the market with ‘No limits’. The voices of Javi Ortega and Rebecca Boa are the other two fundamental pillars of New Game. The four are the makers of the final sound of the group that plays the heart to the nostalgic of the eighties and nineties, while convincing those who seek ultra current sounds.

To fit them in a concrete style is not possible. “It’s not electro pop or electro rock or electro indie, what we do is music that looks at eighties rock and mixes with current electronic bases. Removing the fandango we like everything from the darkest rock to the most underground electronics,” says Pons.

For the moment, the welcome of his bet has been very good. They have performed in Privilege, Pasha and Somni and have several projects in the pipeline, still to close. “When we finished our work day we spent whole afternoons working and working to bring out new themes. We do not want to stop, we want to go to more “, remarks Pons who says that they feel authentic” hunger “of music and stage.