Troels Hammer

Troels Hammer

Troels Hammer is a Danish artist famous on the international scene. He masters the catchy melody in a way that few are able to. Mixes unabashedly groovy beats and classical rhythms and turns the recognizable into something surprising.

Troels Hammer (1964) is signed in with the label Music for Dreams and has in released lots of tracks on various international albums and will be releasing his first solo album, TRANS/FOR/MATION, in june 2015. He was discovered by the Danish producer Kenneth Bager in 2012 and has already gained great recognition for his music on both the Danish and the international scene.

The style is instrumental and moving in the area between lounge, dance, ambience and electronica. When Troels Hammer sits down at the piano, the music flows through him and brings the audience in a mood that is both relaxed and intense. He himself says that he creates music you can go in and out of –and get carried away by.

Intermediation has been the centre of Troels Hammer’s entire professional life and also musically he is driven to set the tone for stories and touch elements recognizable to the audience. He can be experienced on stage alone, plays brilliantly with others and shares gladly stories about the music as a part of his performance.