Acid Jazz Classics (2CD)

A compilation of two cds with all the songs you love to listen to again and again. The album starts with the best acid jazz classics soundtracks as Jamiroquai’s “Too Young To Die” and Brand New Heavies’ “Midnight At The Oasis”, Omar’s  There’s Nothing Like This”, etc.

The second album continues in this way starting with the famous one and going on with new soundtracks you will discover.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Too Young To Die  Jamiroquai  4:25
 Midnight At The Oasis  Brand New Heavies  3:41
 Apparently Nothin’  Young Disciples  4:13
 Step It Up  Stereo MC’s  3:56
 Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out  Freak Power  4:14
 Real Love  Drizabone  5:02
 So What!  Ronny Jordan  3:54
 Friendly Pressure  Jhelisa  4:13
 Mini  Corduroy  3:01
 Now Is The Time  D*Note  3:50
 Nothing  Sandals  3:12
 24 For Betty Page  Snowboy  3:52
 A.P.B.  A Man Called Adam  3:38
 Sunship  Sunship  5:06
 New Avengers  Snowboy  4:28
 Stoned Woman  Mother Earth  4:52
 Love Will Keep Us Together  James Taylor Quartet  3:40
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing  Incognito  3:58
 There’s Nothing Like This  Omar  3:46
 Revival  Martine Girault  3:26
 Whole Lotta Love  Goldbug  4:58
 Skunk Funk  Galliano  5:05
 Never Stop  K-Collective  7:34
 Boundaries  Leena Conquest  4:07
 Something In My Eye  Corduroy  3:20
 Stories  Izit  3:42
  Stay This Way  Brand New Heavies  4:07
 A Love Supreme  Will Downing  3:22
 Whirl Keeps Turning  Jhelisa  3:31
 Bad Ass Weed  Mother Earth  4:31
 Lucky Fellow  Snowboy  6:18
 Unsettled Life  Emperors New Clothes  4:28
 Brother  Urban Species  3:52
 Jesse  Mother Earth  4:29

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