Amante Ibiza Volume 5 (1CD)

Compiled by Stefano Geminis and David Piccioni, Amante Ibiza Volume 5 was mixed by Cheeky Paul Moris and remains attach to great rhythm and solid fundamentals. For volume 5 they chooses an incredible selection of famous disco house songs all with vocals: ‘Tell Me’ by Andre Crom featuring Dennis Degenhardt and Sandy Rivera’s Classic Mix ‘Fall For You’ by Kings Of Tomorrow featuring April. Going on with one of the best ‘The Spell’ with the beautiful vocals of Ordonez and Kevin Karlson Remix ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’. Not the less one, the next is 0808 Sweetsoul Mix ‘Let Go’ by Nastee Nev featuring Donald Sheffey followed by Plan B de Pang! and the strong voice of Monkey Safari in ‘Cheeky Bold Cover ‘Hi Life’.

The last part of the album but not the less moves in this musical big art collection with Joseph Westphal featuring TheFirstLostGirl in ‘Carpe Noctem’ and ‘Be Free’ by Guri featuring Eider. Crazy P takes up with Never Gonna Reach Me in Hot Toddy Remix and Claptone carries on featuring Say Yes Dog and their successful ‘Before I Lose My Mind’ and will close with ‘Write Your Name’ featuring Jay-Jay Johanson.

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Title Performer / Composer
Tell Me Andre Crom feat. Dennis Degenhardt
Fall For You (Sandy Rivera’s Classic Mix) Kings Of Tomorrow feat. April
The Spell Ordonez
Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Kevin Karlson Remix) The Temptations
Let Go (0808 Sweetsoul Mix) Nastee nev feat. Donald Sheffey
Plan B Pang!
Hi Life (Cheeky Bold Cover) Monkey Safari
Carpe Noctem Joseph Westphal feat. TheFirstLostGirl
Be Free Guri Feat. Eider
Never Gonna Reach Me (Hot Toddy Remix) Crazy P
Before I Lose My Mind Claptone feat. Say Yes Dog
Elevation Blaze
Days Like This (Masters at Work Mix) Kenny Lattimore
Write Your Name Claptone feat. Jay-Jay Johanson

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