Amante Ibiza Volume 6 (1CD)

Amante Ibiza Volume 6 compiled by Stefano Geminis and mixed by Cheeky Paul Morris stayed as its predecessor a cool vibe with voices and rhythm loyal to the Balearics beautiful landscape sounds.  Mostly dub house main trend it touches dancehall, ambient, drum and bass, without forgetting house and the original touch coming from Jamaican dub musical genre.

Starting with the original mix “Two Strangers” by the Brazilian producer and musician Ant the compilation is launched on a very good path, followed by two productions of Soul Minority “Feel Da Muzik” and “Civil Barbarian” Remix performed by Secret Souls.

Adam Port’s 12 Autobahn Edit “Tonight” is more than house or techno, Adam Port & Here Is Why are unique, there’s no scene-dictated tunnel view in their activities, there is only a pointed emphasis on style, on groove and sophistication informed by dub, danchall, rap, soul or even psychedelic rock. No-one will discuss the next soundtrack, another highlight in Stefano Geminis selection is Tale Cooper performing “Real Thing”. Silver City Remix “Right Now” by Freaks, Robert Owens, Silver City is also part of this successful collection as is Umet K Sunset Mix “Colour” performed by Pete Josef.

We are now entering a whole range of dub house leads by Eli Escobar Remix “Pushin’ On” featuring Daniel Solar, Andi De Luxe and Eli Escobar, followed by the pure dub of Meggy and Hollis P Monroe “Calling You”. The next one is surely one of the highlights with the lovely Alex Kentucky Beach Mix “Be Mine” featuring Zhanna Ona.  And it goes on with Intrigue Dub Extended performed by T.D.J. featuring Romy in “With You”.  The house soundtrack “Aldebaran” found its place here with Amen Miran & Hraach. Miguel Campbell Remix version of “Take Me” featuring the beautiful and warm voice of Rufus, and Beacon will end this perfect compilation with the light dub “Bring You Back”.

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Title Performer / Composer
 Two Strangers (Original Mix)  Ant
 Feel Da Muzik  Soul Minority
 Civil Barbarian (Soul Minority Remix)  Secret Souls, Soul Minority
 Tonight (Adam Port’s 12 Autobahn Edit)  Adam Port & Here Is Why
 Real Thing  Tale Cooper
 Right Now (Silver City Remix)  Freaks, Robert Owens, Silver City
 Colour (Umet K Sunset Mix)  Pete Josef
 Pushin’ On (Eli Escobar Remix)  Daniel Solar, Andi De Luxe, Eli Escobar
 Calling You  Meggy & Hollis P Monroe
 Be Mine (Alex Kentucky Beach Mix)  Alex Kentucky feat. Zhanna Ona
 With You (Intrigue Dub Extended) feat. Romy  T.D.J.
 Aldebaran  Amen Miran & Hraach
 Take Me (Miguel Campbell Remix)  Rufus
 Bring You Back  Beacon

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