Ayahuasca Healing Sound Sacred Ceremony Ibiza Session (1CD+DVD)


Ayahuasca Healing Sound Sacred Ceremony Ibiza Session – La medicinadel sonido – produced by Elisabetta Caraccia and Alejandro Lozano, directed by Giulio Tarantino and Luca Contini as sound engineer, is a package containing a CD and a USB pen drive containing 13 tracks of music and a video presenting landscapes of the island mixed with clips of a sacred ceremony with prayers, testimony about experiences with Ayahuasca medicine, and songs from Israeli singer Shira, name which means “Song from the Heart”.

The CD presents some musicians like Amu Ahava featuring “Om Sato”, “Kalimba” and “Alma de la Tierra”, Mouji’s “Os Raios Do Sol”, Karen Brehmer’s “Floresta”, Gitis Bond’s “Seres Vivos do Floresta”, Amir Paiss’ “Im Betoch Ha Esh”, Romana Alarcón de león featuring “Distinto Color” and “Kalimba”, Rolner Scheurenbrand’s “Cura”, Matitehu Shelem’s “Ve David”, Ronny Hickel’s “Pacha Mama”, Madrinha Regina’s “Alerta Geral”.





Title Performer / Composer
Om Sato Amu Ahava
Os Rajos Do Sol Mouji
Floresta Karen Brehmer
Seres Vivos Do Floresta Giti
Im Betoch Ha Esh Amir Paiss
Distinto Color Romana Alarcón de León
Anjo De Branco Yartra
Kalimba Amu Ahava, Romana, Alarcón de León
Cura Roiner Scheurenbrand
Ve David Matitehu Shelem
Pacha Mama Ronny Hickel
Alerta Geral Madrinha Regina
Alma de la Tierra Amu Ahava

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Weight 130 g