Balearic 1 2015 (1CD)

The curators are Chris Coco (Gecko Beach Club) and Jim Breese (Café Mambo). A brand new compilation series, exploring the lush, atmospheric musical expression of the indefinable Balearic spirit, sounding like Ibiza on a magical summer evening, tunes flowing from the bars on the sunset strip. 13 radiant, sunset inspired recordings are meticulously selected and beautifully assembled. It begins with a gentle, dreamy classic, by Spanish guitarist Joan Bibiloni followed by the mysterious character of Jonny Nash, a meditative, relaxing track with a heady edge of electronica that has the power to make you dream eyes wide open, and ends with a deceptively simple piano piece by Nils Frahm that captures that mesmerizing moment of a legendary sunset in Ibiza. The current ambient sound is defined on productions from Jonny Nash and A.R.T Wilson. Album-only exclusives are provided by super producer Rui DaSilva’s new downtempo project Lisbon Kid, as well as a fun, dubby edit from chillout legend Afterlife. The dream house genre features with tracks from seminal Italian DJ Don Carlos plus a sought-after Japanese rarity from 1991 called Low Tension. Cantoma, aka Phil Mison, DJ from the Cafe Del Mar, provides Alive, a hooky record that won’t let you go and Chris Coco introduces us to his Balearic production project- Nick & Samantha.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Pinzells  Joan Bibiloni  5:58
 Phantom Actors  Jonny Nash  7:30
 Rebecca’s Theme (Water)  A.R.T. Wilson  4:36
 Freedom of the Floor (Open Space Remix)  Nautic  6:06
 La Maison Verte  Zen Baboon  5:23
 Sunburst (Alternative Version)  Lisbon Kid  5:03
 Solo Un Delay  Tuccinelli  4.24
 Baltimore (Afterlife Edit)  Micko Roche  5:43
 Ouverture (Enzo Elia Tropical Neukolln Edit)  Don Carlos  4:49
 Alive  Cantoma Featuring Bing Ji Ling  4:55
 Low Tension (1991 Original Version)  Manabu nagayam  4:39
 Bitter Sweet Song  Nick & Samantha  3:09
 Over There, It’s Raining  Nils Frahm  3:51

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