Balearic 4 (1CD)

Summer Mode On. BALEARIC 4, compiled by Breese, is the soundtrack for summer, brim-full of beach-ready tunes that truly reflect Ibiza’s chilled musical spirit.

Featuring two album exclusives: On-U Sound’s cosmic flamenco dub of Los Twangueros and a Breese remix of Robot 84 that brings Spanish guitars firmly to the fore. Quinn Luke’s ‘Different Aspirations’ offers ‘I-know-this’ familiarity, Emerson Kitamura covers 70s classic ‘Rock Your Baby’ in lullaby style, while Max Manetti’s ‘Changuinola’ winks back towards the Happy Mondays circa 1989.

Other highlights include Gallo’s ‘Faron’ – currently proving the sunset bomb with Ibiza DJs; J-Walk’s modern re-make of Maze’s ‘Twilight’; Fuga Ronto’s Rework of Kay Zee’s ‘Barny’ as a modern-day down-tempo beauty, plus Joe Morris’ ‘Skies Reprise’, which carries the mood dreamily off into the night.

A dozen true pearlers, each one confident and ready to take their place amongst any quality collection.

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Title Performer / Composer
Gold Hush (Part Two) Max Essa
Rock Your Baby Emerson Kitamura Featuring MMM
Ottimismo Simon Peter
Barny (Fuga Ronto Rework) Kay Zee
Entre Dos Aguas (On-U Sound Dub) Los Twangueros
Dawn (Faze Action Remix) Private Agenda
Different Aspirations Quinn Lamont Luke
Twilight J-Walk
Changuinola Max Manetti
San Vorera (Breese Remix) Robot 84 Featuring Manuel Amoscotegui
Skies Reprise Joe Morris
Faron (Fabrizio Mammarella Ambient Remix) Gallo

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