Bella Musica 2 (1CD)

I am proud to present to you the second compilation of Bella Musica, meaning beautiful music: an eclectic mix of music in different styles from bossa, flamenco, pop, jazz, to funk and soul. Each track on this compilation has been carefully chosen from rare classic and contemporary catalogues such as.

Carmel, a sublime band from 1987, featuring excellent jazz musicians and with a beautiful female voice: a forgotten track that I chose to rescue for you. Chambao is an example of a new energetic generation of mediterranean flamenco from Malaga, Spain. Silent Poets, another classic – but this is a recent extended version and the band added a vocal to the track so it still sounds new and fresh to me after all these years. Aquatherium, an early 90’s San Francisco underground deep house sound – the equivalent of what we now call Lounge. Thomas Dolvy – an immaculate slow pop song that was huge in Ibiza in the early 1990’s – a Balearic classic.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Imunizacao Racional (Che Beleza)  Tim Maia  5:08
 Sedatives  Nove  4:35
 Deep Indigo  Mikael Delta  4:26
 I Scare Myself  Thomas Dolby  5:36
 Moment Scale (Dub Master X Remix)  Silent Poets Feat. Thom  6:03
 You’re Mine (2 Under Pax Mix)  Aquatherium  5:57
 Moonglide  Praful  4:42
 Desert Dub  Orange Blossom  5:44
 Pokito A Poko  Chambao  3:25
 Love Music  Sergio Mendes & Brazil ’77  3:00
 Sugar Coated  Parker Feat. Sarah Scott  4:08
 The What If’s  Jaguar Wright  4:15
 The Sleeper  Sholto  5:44
 I’m Not Afraid Of You  Carmel  3:51

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