Bocadillos Variados (1CD)

The legendary DJ Pippi released his first ever artist album ‘Bocadillos Variados’. The 12 tracks album features Pippi’s own style of quality global house music and deep soulful Balearic grooves. As always, Pippi maintains his approach of the dance floor and prepared us a sweet cocktail of nu-jazz, chill house in addition to his favorite grooves under the funny name of ‘Bocadillos Variados’ He starts with ‘Never Stop Dreaming’ featuring Kenneth Bager followed by the special beat of ‘Cristal Palpita’ before the unique voice of JL transports us into a gentle world full of color with ‘Dangerous’. Then Tuccinelli keeps the mood with ‘Artificial Soul’ and ‘Make U Smile’ without forgetting to include ‘Mr. P’ and ‘Balearic Windchime’ featuring Barbara Tucker to accelerate the speed before Kenneth Bager comes back with Taranta to close this very unique album with Pippi who still finds the best way to proclaim his love to Ibiza with ‘Eivisa Saxomatica’.
“The purpose of this album is to take the listener on a journey through Ibiza’s beautiful Balearic musical heritage, deeply and strongly influenced by black music, African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern sounds and culture. The album was made in collaboration with musicians and producers to fulfill my dream of offering the audience a more faithful recreation of the true Mediterranean Sound.”   DJ Pippi





Title Performer / Composer Time
Never Stop Dreaming feat. Kenneth Bager  DJ Pippi  5:50
Cristal Palpita  DJ Pippi  5:59
Dangerous feat. JL  DJ Pippi  6:50
Artificial Soul feat. Tuccinelli  DJ Pippi  6:24
Make U Smile feat. Tuccinelli  DJ Pippi  5:38
Mr. P  DJ Pippi  4:15
La Serenata (Dream Of You) feat. Kenneth Bager  DJ Pippi  7:44
So Beautiful feat. Barbara Tucker  DJ Pippi  6:30
Calas Encantadas  DJ Pippi  5.17
Balearic Windchime  Barbara Tucker  6:28
Only U  DJ Pippi  5:28
Joy & Pain  DJ Pippi  5:33
Taranta feat. Kenneth Bager  DJ Pippi  5:30
Eivisa Saxomatica  DJ Pippi  5:07

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