Bora Bora Ibiza 2013 (2CD)

Bora Bora is one of Ibiza’s most popular destinations, and for many visitors to the island, the definitive beach bar experience. With a vibe unlike any other venue, we knew the Bora Bora 2013 CD had to reflect this unique feeling, so there was no-one better than resident DJ Alex Miles to call the shots on this album.

Picking 23 tracks from across the house music spectrum, Bora Bora 2013 takes you right to the waterfront, drink in hand!

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Title Performer / Composer Time
Feel This Noise Matthew Lima 6:30
La France Lucero En Vivo 7:11
Miss You Hoscho 7:41
Pompino Butch 7:37
Floor Up Federico Locchi 6:05
Utopian Olderic 8:08
Azul Luigi Rocca & Manuel De La Mare 7:24
Dream (DJ PP Remix) Ivan Pica & Miguel Picasso 7:02
Highbeams (feat. Benjamin Franklin) Butch 8:41
Kasmat (Alex Miles Depressed Dreams) Alex Miles & Ugo Platana 7:30
Ancient Valentient Dave Shokh 7:52
Title Performer / Composer Time
Miss Nude Sebaxtian 7:33
Drop That (Siwell Remix) Mario Ochoa 6:42
Funky Beats Dave Garcia 7:33
Squizzo DJ Wady & Juanmy.R 7:44
Kanawene (Yvan Ghenkins Remix) Adapter 8:00
Reach John Moss 8:01
I Can’t Stop Sergio Fernandez 7:13
The Specialist (Hollen Remix) Miguel Bastida 6:11
Ibiza Waff 9:44
El Cambio Politico Pirupa & Hollen 7:02
Between Us (feat. Velvet Voice) DJ Chus & Nuno Clam 7:02
Ludopatia Guille Placencia 6:42


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