Bora Bora Ibiza 2015

For another consecutive year, here at Basswalk we are more than proud to bring you the 2015 edition of the Bora Bora Ibiza double CD mixed by the Basswalk Records owner himself Toby Holguin and Nicky Malone, another well-known name in the white island, in which we can appreciate an amazing musical selection for two different moments of the day including tracks from Alvaro Am, Andre Salmon, Ben Grunnell, Carlos Alfaro, Eddie Hu, Ellroy, Enzo Tucci, Federico Mandelli, Gaetano C, Guti Legatto, Hassio, Hoowell, Jayro, Luca Lento, Marcex, Max (Italy), Mikk Owlner, Nicky Malone, Nik Ros, Olivier Berger, Outway, Pedro Silva, Peppelino, Re Us, Samu Rodriguez, Sana Music, Siwark, Stan Kolev and Toby Holguin too. The first CD, Inside, mixed by Toby Holguin, holds a fantastic story with tracks that goes from minimal and deep tech to tech house and techno towards the end, involving the listener hypnotic but extremely groovy trip. The second CD, Out, was in charge of Nicky and it’s full of an astonishing selection of deep tech to tech house, created with the single aim of representing a fantastic club vibe. Both CDs are full stories that can be told in this prestigious beach club called Bora Bora Ibiza during the different moments of their special summer seasons.

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Title Performer / Composer
 Thursday Evening (Gaetano C Remix)  Orlando Tosi
 Bad Connection (Original Mix)  Pedro Silva, Samu Rodriguez
 Nos Encontraremos (Original Mix)  Alvaro AM
 In Da Beat (Original Mix)  Hoowell
 1, 2, 3, 4 (Olivier Berger, Stan Kolev Remix)  Toby Holguin
 Sleepless (Original Mix)  Outway
 Dead Flowers (Original Mix)  Re Us, Toby Holguin
 En Code (Original Mix)  Luca Lento
 Part Flow (Original Mix)  Marcex
 Life Between The Water (Original Mix)  Andre Salmon
 Follow Me (Outway’s Sweet Remix)  John Rise
 NT4 (Original Mix)  Mikk Owlner
 Dado Bird (Original Mix)  Toby Holguin
Title Performer / Composer
 Synthetic Thinner (Original Mix)  Max (Italy), Federico Mandelli
 Cantinella (Ellroy Remix)  Alvaro Am
 Momentos (Original Mix)  Guti Legatto, Carlos Alfaro
 In Da Beat (Nik Ros Remix)  Hoowell
 Maalesh (Siwark Hassio Dub Mix)  Max (Italy)
 Million (Original Mix)  Sana Music
 H2O (Enzo Tucci Remix)  Pablo Say
 Shape Intuit (Peppelino Remix)  Luca Lento
 Nos Encontraremos (Jayro Remix)  Alvaro Am
 The Vision (Original Mix)  Hoowell
 Talkback (Eddie Hu Remix)  Outway
 Perfect Getaway (Ben Grunnell Remix)  Chris-T & Matu
 Purpurea (Original Mix)  Toby Holguin, Nicky Malone

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