Bora Bora Ibiza 2018 (2CD)


Once again, we are really proud to present this Bora Bora Ibiza double CD that includes an amazing compilation of specially selected tracks, which converges into a fantastic voyage through the actual sounds and trends in the white isle and the grooves heard in this mythic place called Bora Bora Ibiza. The first CD was mixed and compiled by Toby Holguin, Basswalk Records owner, and Dave Floyd, while the second CD is a collaboration between Nicky Malone and Denis Dzigal, resulting in two different and exquisite approaches that cover all the different moments we can experience in this great beach club.

In the first CD, Toby and Dave, worked out with an underground approach at first, which carefully evolves into a groovy tech house sound born from an impeccable selection of tracks from artists like Aney F., CL-ljud, Cosmin Horatiu, Denis Bonotto, Dubphone, Duke, Ermik & Schamain Alcazar, Felix Sanchez, Hassio (COL), Lewis, Luca Lento, Manuel De Lorenzi & Roberto Surace.

The second CD, mixed by Nicky Malone and Denis Dzigal, presents a fantastic musical selection that is clearly aimed to represent the nightclub side of Bora Bora Ibiza, featuring artists like Andre BButano & Arfil, Cosmin Horatiu,, Dj Datz, Kaiq, Last Vision, Lio Mass (IT), Mr. Hugo, Rascalillo & Ssant, Roberto Surace & Zlatnichi, which in combination with the first CD, completes a delightful sonic experience that covers through all the different situations of normal summer day in the island.





Title Performer / Composer
 All These Things (Original Mix)  Lewis
 Nitroglycerin (Original Mix)  Ermik, Schamain Alcazar
 It Doesn’t Matter (Original Mix)  CL-LJUD
 Tkrim Tune (Original Mix)  Luca Lento
 A Child (Original Mix)  Manuel De Lorenzi
 Legocentricos (Felix Sanchez Remix)  Bizen Lopez
 Choice (Original Mix)  CL-LJUD
 Dark Mood (Original Mix)  Denis Bonotto
 Run (Dubphone Remix)  Gianluca Catra, Frank C
 Meat Me (Duke Remix)  Arche
 Dance With Me (Original Mix)  Cosmin Horatiu
 Tourette (Aney F. Remix)  Rhythm Box, Nepemora
 Fireball (Original Mix)  Roberto Surace
 190 (Hassio (COL) Remix)  Peppe Markese, Profano
Title Performer / Composer
 Dirty Harry (Original Mix)  Andre Butano, Arfil
 Lying On The Floor (Original Mix)  Lio Mass (IT)
 Lampinion (Original Mix)  Cosmin Horatiu
 In The Mix (Original Mix)  Roberto Surace
 Spacewalk (Remix)  Mr. Hugo
 Porn (Rascalillo, Ssant Remix  Pero Costa, Sebastian Ledher
 Keynote (Zlatnichi Clapping Arround Remix)  Arche
 Pandora Latex (Original Mix)  Zlatnichi
 Choice ( Remix)  CL-LJUD
 Get Down (Original Mix)  DJ Datz
 Vamo (Dub Mix)  Kaio
 Circoloco (Original Mix)  Roberto Surace
 Groove On (Original Mix)  Last Vision

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Weight 130 g