Bora-Bora Ibiza Summer 2014 (2cd)

The experience and the energy of the southern origin of the Bora-Bora residents Toby Holguin and Nicky Malone managed to captivate the Balearic Islands and Tour gigs with their own unique blend of tech house, minimal and house sets that drives the crowd crazy.

From Miami or their journey in Ibiza, listen to many of their original mixes and selected summer soundtracks they mixed for you to hit the dance floor of your Ibiza holidays full of day and night hot parties.

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Title Performer / Composer
 Don’t Make Me Wait  Toby Holguin, Stan Kolev
 Shake It (Original Mix)  Toby Holguin
 Locura Otoñal (Guido Nemola)  Mike Rosse, Schamain Alcazar
 Dream’s Ride (Andrea Colina)  Andrea Greco
 Shake It  Gianni Firmaio
 For All5 (Jamie Power)  Hernan Betancur
 Manola (Original Mix)  Toby Holguin
 Wake Up (Kalq Remix)  Simone Liberali
 After We Vex (Original Mix)  Toby Holguin
 Juanita+Victoria (Original Mix)  Toby Holguin, Nicky Malone
 Back In Miami (Original Mix)  Toby Holguin, Stan Kolev
 Substantiate (Original Mix)  Toby Holguin, Stan Kolev
Title Performer / Composer
 Josmina From Puerto Rico  Nicky Malone, Roke Mendez
 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly  Chris-T & Matu
 Locura Otoñal (Original Mix)  Mike Rosse, Schamain Alcazar
 Teleportation (Kama Remix)  Fernando Campo
 Message (Samu Rodriguez)  Medeiros
 Six Years (Original Mix)  Chris-T & Matu
 Rokit (Original Mix)  Griffo
 Biquilet (Original Mix)  Xavi Garcia, Pablo Say
 Human5 (Kalq Remix)  Hernan Betancur
 Wake Up (Original Mix)  Simone Liberali
 Shake It (Original Mix)  Gianni Firmaio
 Dream’s Ride (Original Mix)  Andrea Greco

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