Café Mambo 2013 (2CD)

His grasp of the ever-evolving shades and styles of dance music have made him a unique figure in Europe.

While most mainland European DJs were intent on a strict diet of techno and house, Bager’s impish eclectic interests propelled his record collecting in a diverse array of directions that grew from classical music at one end to obscure world music at the other, but always with a sense of both fun and funk.





Title Performer / Composer Time
Stay the Same (Original Mix) Bonobo 4:44
Amoroso (Original Mix) The Planty Herbs 7:20
Sir John (Original Mix) White Elephant 5:07
Down (Original Mix) Afterlife 5:05
Um Khathi (Original Mix) Negghead, JD73 & Woolfie 5:38
Took My Love (Original Mix) 1Blip2 5:57
Slow Slow (Seahawkes Slow Sunset) Sound Of Rum 6:34
Thujone (Original Mix) T_Mo 4:28
Baa Boo (Original Mix) Reverso 68 6:27
Salome (Orchestral Version) Joash 5:03
Best Boyfriend (Slacker’s Hymn to Her) Slacker 4:46
Al’s Piano (Original Mix) Umtis Reading & J1 5:30
Title Performer / Composer Time
54b (Radio Edit) Mudd 3:35
Sunday Smoking (Jay Shepheard Remix) Martin Dawson 7:36
Sustain (Cafe Mix) Dima Promo 8:13
Speak Your Mind (Original 12-inch Mix) Penner & Muder 8:21
Nothing Wrong With Holding On Michael J Collins 5:39
The Age of Compassion (House Mix) Tevo Howard 7:27
Since We Last Met (Original Mix) NDF 10:46
Gonna Be My Day Marsmobil 7:51
Dreams of You (Original Mix) Kevin Yost & Peter Funk 7:53
Some Lovin’ (Original Mix) Murk 6:40
Memories of Love (Dub Mix) DJ Dove 7:12
One Year Low (Original Mix) Ralph Berr 7:05
Title Performer / Composer Time
Bells of Brighton Steve Mac & Mark Brown 5:52
Hulk (Lawlers Idiosyncratic Mix) DJ Wady & Patrick M 10:00
Breathe (Danny Howells Drifting Dub) Danny Howells & Dick Trevor 9:29
Needin’ U (Paul Woolford House Mix) The Face, Mark Brown & Adam Shaw 7:58
Our Execution (Scope’s Acid Deluxe) Dave Robertson & Jon Gurd 6:45
Step to ‘Em Rhythm Masters 5:01
Ibiza In My Soul (Todd Terry) Rhythm Masters & Disco Dubbers 7:18
209 (Julien Chaptal Remix) Anil Chawla 7:17
Reach for Me Murk 10:49
Morena (Original Mix) Mendo 7:54
Droppin Kisses (Sneak’s Dub) DJ Sneak & Herve 6:55


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