Café del Mar 30 Years of Music (2CD)

31 exclusive tracks selected in chill out most beautiful soundtracks to pay tribute to 30 Years of Music at Café del Mar.  Starting with Clélia Félix exceptional composition “Magical Moments” followed by “Without You” by Gary B, you won’t tire of listening to this wonderful album.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Magical Moments  Clélia Félix  4:01
 Without You  Gary B  4:11
 Strangers In the Night  Deep Josh, José Rodriguez & Josephine Sweet  5:39
 Good To Be Out Of The Rain  Luminous  –
 Parasailing  Toni Simonen  4:37
 Circles  Cecile Bredie  5:26
 Rainbow Over Black & White  Javier Esteve  7:09
 Pez Volador  Paco Fernández  6:02
 Waiting 4 You  Digital Analog Band  4:05
 What We Have Now  Ive Mendes  4:24
 White Sand  Bright Sun Spirit  3:57
 A Child Is Born  La Caina  6:06
 Central Station Ny  Elmara  4:01
 Give It Away  Motif  3:42
 Better World  Elimar & Beach Messiah  5:38
 Mediterranean  Coastline  5:48
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Time to Remember  Lunatic Soul  4:04
 Esta Noche  Gary B  4:12
 Bailando con la luna  AGP Band  4:37
 Almendros Chill  Paco Fernández  4:17
 I Promise  Digital Analog Band  5:03
 Hungry Heart  Javier Esteve  4:34
 Nothing  Sol Electrico  5:50
 Slow Train  Elmara  4:05
 Somewhere Else  YPEY  3:17
 Season of Love  Nerio Poggi  4:03
 When the Sun Goes Down  Solaris Navis  5:05
 All My Love  Wasaby Ink  4:50
 Volar  Atlan Chill  3:19
 One World  Steve Xavier  6:49
 Endless Sea  Toni Simonen  5:40

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