Café del Mar XX (2CD)

Café del Mar lived up to its reputation with a fine selection of beautiful soundtracks with the 20th CD of its famous Ibiza chill out music collection.

CD1 starts with the instrumental Nightmares On Wax ‘s easy listening “So Here We Are”, followed by the beautiful lyrics of Jo’ song performed by Goldfrapp, and it doesn’t stop so on up to the final. In CD2 Tom Middleton and Trafik embarks us on an epic journey with Jon Hopkins Remix “Sea of Glass” and Perfume Suite that gives us the atmosphere of this second album.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 So Here We Are  Nightmares On Wax  4:12
 Jo  Goldfrapp  4:36
 Look At the Sun (feat. Tim Burguess)  Seahawks & Tim Burguess  3:49
 On the Beach  Nick & Samantha  4:36
 Still Here  Rae & Christian  5:15
 Painting Silhouettes  Quantic  3:20
 Solaris  Penguin Café  4:21
 Unknown Touch  Henrik Schwarz  4:54
 A Case For Shame  Moby  6:03
 Holograms  M83  3:26
 Hypnose  Sébastien Tellier  3:55
 Lower Your Eyelids To Die With the Sun  M83 10:34
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Sea of Glass (Jon Hopkins Remix)  Tom Middleton  4:56
 Perfume Suite (Main Album Mix)  Trafik  6:26
 Memories of Love  Synkro  3:28
 Hawkmoth  Plaid  4:43
 Head Centre  Lux  5:13
 Flying Clouds (feat. Phoenix Pearle)  Gelka & Phoenix Pearle  3:43
 North Star  Faithless  5:58
 Under the Ice  Morcheeba  3:40
 Doubter  Alex Barck & Jonatan Bäckelie  6:05
 Reach For the Dead  Boards of Canada  4:43
 Everything That Rises  Moby  4:36
 Finished Symphony (Soundtrack Edit)  Hybrid  6:12

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