Café Solo (2CD)

Compiled with love, this album is a real journey in a selection of voices, musics, lyrics and excellent artists as only José Padilla can produce. Café Solo is the first one of a very special collection just for lovers.





Title Performer / Composer
 Roll Your Own  Tripswitch
 Homme Brazilian Girls
 Unfamiliar Places  One Self
 Available  Linn
 Miss Teardrop  Felix Laband
 Barefoot  Elevator Suite
 Aganju (John Beltran Mix)  Bebel Gilberto
 Arp She Said  Six Cups Of Rebel
 Terra Pura  Gabin
 Souvenir Of China (Live in China)  Jean-Michel Jarre
 Fantasia  Uusi Fantasia
 Inexplicata  Apollo Nove
 Take It Slow  Boozoo Bajou feat. Joe Dukie
 Dipped In Golden Dreams  Sunstars
Title Performer / Composer
 Dem Chase  Paul Daley
 Aquaville  Quad
 Satellite  Fly
 Last Man Standing  Cities Of Foam
 Tribal Dance  Peter Green
 All Flowers Must Fade  Daniel Wang
 Rouge  Frontera
 Evaluation  Voice Stealer
 Light In Darkness  Yellow Magic Orchestra
 Maria  Closer Musik
 Schwabylon  Justus Köhncke
 Ramalama (Bang Bang)  Roisin Murphy

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