Chillout Ibiza 3 Balearic Lounge (1CD)

This is the album for the holidaymakers to always remember the Balearic lounge atmosphere. The album 3 of the collection Chillout Ibiza is typical balearic chill out and easy listening music including Spanish, French and English ambient soundtracks.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Sunrise Theme  Signfield  4:03
 All the Time (New Horizon)  Liquid Motion  4:53
 Yo Le Le (Wave Dub)  Sirius & Nyla  3:43
 The Ocean (Goldtripp Remix)  Oxygene  5:30
 Watching the Stars (Interlude)  El Fuego  2:18
 La Fantasìa del Mundo  Sol Y Mar  3:44
 I Have a Dream (Chillout Mix)  Jon Crusoe  5:43
 Chillin’ With Me (Slow Dub)  Dublication  3:45
 Coffee Time  Easy Listening  4:00
 Look Into the Future (Interlude)  Dolphin’s Talk  2:48
 Doux Mystère VII  Alain Sylvain  3:20
 Silver Lights (Canis Mix)  Blue Metheny  3:44
 Hypnos (Interlude)  The Afterworld  1:57
 Reflectión del Mar  Cafe Lounge  3:33
 Sentir el Calor (Calabria Remix)  Zouave  4:35
 Moments In Love (Pt. 3)  Sonar  6:35
 Journey to Infinity (Space Night Dub)  Polar Dreamer  9:02
 La Grande Finale  Jerry Howard  2:29

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