Chillout Ibiza (1CD)

Back in the 90s the Sunset Lounge was an upcoming cool place for artists, new young businessmen, gay people and friends on the Pacific coast nearby San Francisco.

Various musicians from all over the world came here to perform their favorite tracks on stage. No matter if it was acoustic, electronic or pure jam sessions, it was always blending the atmosphere of easy listening soundtracks.

After several years, the founders decided to work on a tracklisting that included all the best music ever played at the lounge, in the tradition of Café del Mar – mastermind José Padilla, Spanish director Luis Torregrosa compiled his favourite songs for the soundtrack of the movie “Café Lounge”, a tribute to his former home island Ibiza. And Chillout Ibiza – The Balearic Edition follows in this proud tradition and was a great success.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Infinity (Remix)  Sirius & Nyla  5:42
 Love Parade Lovers  Dreamdancer  5:27
 Sunday 3 P.M.  Signfield  6:59
 Space Night Bubbles  En’Deavour  4:01
 Enigma Machine  Timecode Feat. Zak  8:08
 Buddha Bath (Dub Mix)  Bhangralution  3:42
 Island of Dreams  Ambiente  4:13
 Prism  Polar Dreamer  4:55
 Traumatized (Be Here)  Vertical Path  5:43
 Illusion  New Age Kings  5:25
 Solar Circle (Dub)  Oxygene  5:34
 Theremin (Acoustic Mix)  Sonar  2:56
 New World Order  Utopia Feat. Brandis  2:59
 Aloha Maui  Wave vs Realm  4:00
 Ojos De Sol (Remix)  De Santos  3:43
  Una De La Noche  Canis  3:55

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