Choice 2004 (2cd)

The third one and the best of the Choice series couldn’t be with another one than American Danny Tenaglia.  Whether it is Cat Stevens, Imagination or Kris Coleman layered vocals that follow, the moment the first cd is launched, it will make you dance.

Disc two is just going higher with Hugh Masekela’s trumpet and “Don’t Go Lose It Baby”, Loni Clark vocal in “Rushin” and the final Jomanda’s hit “Make My Body Rock”.





Title Performer / Composer
 Was Dog A Doughnut  Cat Stevens
 Changes  Imagination
 Shine  Kris Coleman
 As One  Jus Friends
 Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not  Trilogy)
 You Gotta Believe  Fierce Ruling Diva
 Not Gonna Do It  Vicky Martin
 I Can’t Forget  Mr. Lee
 I Wanna Give You Devotion  Nomad
 Make It Right  Christian Falk
 Elevation  Blaze Project
 Just Us  Two Tons O’ Fun
 Give Me Your Love  Sylvia Stryplin
Title Performer / Composer
 Atmosphere  Cloud One
 Outta Limits  Mission Control
 On The Floor  Tony Cook
 Don’t Go Lose It Baby  Hugh Masekela
 Give Me Your Love  Sylvia Stryplin
 Independent Woman  Adeva
 Rushin’  Loni Clark
 The Whistle Song  Frankie Knuckles
 I Wanna Thank You  Alicia Meyers
 Por Favor  Uno Mas
 Make My Body Rock  Jomanda

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Weight 160 g