Choice 2005 (2cd)

Voices of Africa’s Hoomba Hoomba is an excellent choice to start the album presenting a complete and unique experience of a cappella harmonies and traditional West African percussive rhythms.

The second album starts with a nice alternative pop rock song “Beautiful” featuring Babble and goes on in the same high-quality selection. The Choice compilation is as always an exceptional cultural and artistic value.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Hoomba Hoomba  Voices of Africa  4:33
 Floatation  The Grid  3:17
 Joy to the World  T Tauri  4:35
 Dreambeam  Hypnotone  3:55
 Dark House  Smith & Mighty  4:00
 Don’t Make Me Wait  Peech Boys  5:05
 Your Wildlife  Propaganda  4:49
 Security 88  Beat Club  5:06
 Cascades  Sheer  5:08
 Mercurial  Euphoria  4:29
 White Love  One Dove  5:23
 We Came in Peace  Dance 2 Trance  4:57
 Desert Storm  Desert Storm  6:06
 Alone It’s Me  Abfahrt  5:40
 MMM Skyscraper I Love You  Underworld  6:46
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Beautiful  Babble  6:38
 Tempted  Waterlillies  5:18
 Disappear  INXS  5:03
 Belgium  Megatonk  3:52
 What Would You Do  DSK  5:14
 Back to the Beat  Reese & Santonio  3:34
 I’m the One You Need  Jody Watley  4:39
 Cool Kids of Death  Saint Etienne  6:16
 Drive It Home  Hi-Bias  4:47
 Young American Primitive?  Young American Primitive  4:26
 Come on Boy  DJ ‘H  5:29
 Sugar Daddy  Secret Knowledge  7:27
 A Forest  The Cure  6:46

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