Choice 2006 (2cd+dvd)

Danny Howells put together the first of the Choice mixes that we can expect is a suitably eclectic selection with gems aplenty. Let’s talk about the first cd that starts with drums and vocals in Urban Soul’s “Alright” and goes on with the Magical Trance Mix Hocus Pocus and the amazing soundtrack “Slack” by Painkiller.

The cd2 reflected the first one before arriving to the DVD featuring interview with Danny Howells with visual audio mix, plus loads of extras…





Title Performer / Composer
 Alright (Original Mix)  Urban Soul
 Carino 90  T-Coy
 You’re Gonna Miss Me (Extended Club Mix)  Turntable Orchestra
 In Your Bones (Vocal)  Fire Island
 Fire Island  Fire Island
 8 Minutes of Techfunk  Pleasure Dome
 Give A Little Love (“Tha” Wild Pitch Mix)  Photon Inc
 A Watcher’s Point of View  PM Dawn
 Keep Givin’ Me Your Love (Boss Mix)  Ce Ce Peniston
 Oracion  Chito’s Revenge
 Hocus Pocus (Magical Trance Mix)  Hocus Pocus
 Painkiller  Slack
 Ready for Dead (Ambient Mix)  Ready For Dead
Title Performer / Composer
 Space Face (DH Edit)  Sub Sub
 Timber (Original Version)  Coldcut & Hextatic
 The Brain of Oscar Panniza  Micheal Bundt
 Ghosts  Japan
 In A Gadda Da Vida  Iron Butterfly
 Papa Was A Rolling Stone  The Temptations
 Plans and Designs  Faze Action
 Save Us (Funky Music)  Black Science Orchestra
 Hunt’s Up (NoFutureNoPast Mix)  Visnadi
 Racing Tracks (Indianapolis Drive Mix)  Visnadi
 Impact  Orbital
 Mad Monks on Zinc (Original Mix)  Holy Ghost Inc.
 Save Us (Funky Music) (Intro Reprise)  Black Science Orchestra
 Why  Carly Simon

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