Choice Unmixed Dj Format 2007 (2CD)

The unmixed format for DJ. From the edit of S-Man “Jungle Fever” to Joey Beltram “Energy Flash”, we are in a melting pot of cultures and sounds passing by the voice of B Beat Girls “For The Same Man” and The Mexican S-Man’s B-Boy Battle Edit “Babe Ruth”.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Jungle Fever (S-Man’s Jungle Edit)  Chakachas  3:42
 Upside Down (S-Man’s Flipside Edit)  Fela Kuti  8:34
 Mt. Airy Groove (S-Mans’s Old School Edit)  Pieces Of A Dream  5:27
 The Mexican (S-Man’s B-Boy Battle Edit)  Babe Ruth  5:42
 Slang Teacher  Wide Boy Awake  5:15
 For The Same Man  B Beat Girls  4:58
 Set Fire To Me (Inferno Dub Version)  Willie Colon  9:31
 Woman  Barabas  5:08
 Is It All Over My Face (S-Man’s Love Dancin)  Loose Joints  7:11
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Your Love  Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle  6:45
 Distant Planet  Mr. Fingers  5:14
 7 Ways To Jack  Hercules  6:47
 Bring Down The Walls  Robert Owens  5:40
 Night Moves  Rickster  7:46
 House For All (S-Man’s Deep In The Vibe)  Blunted Dummies  5:57
 City Streets  Basil  7:04
 I Called You (The Conversation)  Lil’ Louis & The World  7:34
 Energy Flash  Joey Beltram  5:47

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