Cielo Volare (2CD)

Cielo releases the fourth in its series of mix-CDs compiled by resident spinners Nicolas Matar and Willie Graff, and the jewel box of a club once again comes up with a gem of a double-disc collection. CD 1 highlights the prettier end of the house-music spectrum, with Charles Webster’s deeply dubby remix of DJ Ino’s “My Way” and the glittering disco of Alfred Azzetto’s “Colors” among the tracks making up an elegant session of cultivated clubbing. It’s perhaps a bit too cultivated for those who prefer their beats on the nastier side. For them, CD 2—which includes the skeletal, eerie Samim mix of Pier Bucci’s “Hay Consuelo” and the thumping Fauna Flash version of Stereotyp’s “Keepin’ Me”—should do the trick nicely.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Zumbi (Isoul8 Remix)  Frankie Valentine  6:20
 My Way  DJ Ino  4:54
 Mediterraneo  Dr. Beat  7:08
 Heart Of Fire  Chieko Kinbara  8:16
 The Light  Raw Artistic Soul  7:40
 Move a Little Closer  Notenshun  5:56
 Touched the Sky  Dennis Ferrer  6:16
 Shunga Mention  Feel the Hope  5:53
 Colors  Alfred Azzetto  7:08
 Your Wildest Dreams  Doug Willis  4:53
 I See a Different You  Koop  7:43
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Dessert  Foster  7:35
 ESL  Fish Go Deep  5:51
 Bring On the Night  Cloud Kickers  6:06
 Backed Up  Franck Roger  6:04
 Hang Around  Ben Westbeech  6:06
 The Stoock  Julien Jabre  6:08
 Hay Consuelo  Pier Bucci  5:37
 Eightyone  Pastaboys Inspiration Manocalda  4:21
 Join Ur Handz  DJ Chus  6:23
 Keepin’ Me  Stereotyp  7:39
 The Sun Can’t Compare  Mr. White  7:41

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