Cocoon Heroes 2012 (2CD)

Mixed by Joris Voorn and Cassy
Not without good reason is the motto of this year’s Cocoon Ibiza season “Into the Magic”, as the sun-drenched Balearic island is steeped in a special enchantment. So, with great enthusiasm, the team around Sven Väth apply themselves to the 13th season in Ibiza.
Also the acoustic ‘warm up’ in the form of the Cocoon Ibiza Summer Mix CD, makes your eyes glow intensely with excitement this year, as Cocoon was able to get Cassy and Joris Voorn doing the mix, two absolute DJ highlights in this season.





Title Performer / Composer
I see Dlaf Stuut
Soul Groove Matthew Burton
Romochalumo St. Thomas
A51 Egal 3
The Swan Lawrence
Seeds of Brooklyn – &ME Remix Philip Arruda
The Sweetness Robosonic
Fur Die Liebe Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge
Roomland – Youandewan Remix Gerry Read
Pollen FLug Microtrauma
Springwater Dub Jason Justin Tab Jack
Caracas Steve Lawler
Mumblin Groove Onno
Let It Ride – Nicolas Masseyeff Remix Hot since 82
Ipperwash Dusk Hobo
When The Rain Fell Stefny Winter
Truncate 17 Truncate
Poem Clio
Amarillo Y Verde and Otra Masomenos
One Day In May Guy Gerber
Barbay Someone Else
Return Of The Anunnaki Soy Mustafa
Acid Jam Rhauder
Harmonie Oxia
New Flesh – Drumcell Remix Luis Flores
Objective T Back Pack Poets
Midnight Express Himan
Back In A Day Re-Up
A Murk Production Intruider
Ain’t What They Used To Be Astrofarm Strings
Title Performer / Composer
Stifle Pearson Sound
Works Darid Zenker
Kaimanawa Cavaliler
Fold Sigha
Put That Record Back On Dj Dan Put
Cortometraggio Rush?
Stolen Paul Woolford and Psycatron
New Dayz Mr. G
Wax Wax
Sunday Blues – Kasper Remix Mr. G
Make It Good – Ryan Elliot Remix Tennis
Thelon Adam Marshall
Lex – Flipflopping Mr. G


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