El Divino Ibiza (2cd)

Mixed by Albert Alonso & Sergio Serrano & Dj Cuccino

The album reflects El Divino Ibiza beat and ambient. The night club in the harbour of Ibiza town doesn’t exist anymore but there still have night activity in the place under the name of one of the most famous club of the island “LIO”.

The first cd gives the mood starting with Ed Gusto’s “Roots”, a tribal deep house soundtrack leading to J. Louis & Ferran Vs Taito Tikaro’s with Juanjo Martin & Javi Reina remix “The Bodies Connection”. While the second cd goes on with Jezzey Boy featuring M.J. White’s “Stop Playing” to end with Revolution And Rise’s “Dynamix featuring Miss Michie still particularly wild throughout the whole compilation.





Title Performer / Composer
 Roots  Ed Gusto
 Dr Feelgood  Fsb feat. Diane Carte
 Sometimes  Aerosoul Feat. Estela
 In One Night  Carlos Gallardo & Jose Ibora feat. Michele McCain
 Some Day  Jean Claude Ades
 You Love Me Right  Pray for more feat. Annette Taylor
 From The Stars  Montilla
 First Time  Offer Mission feat. Maya
 Feel It  John Jacobsen & Augosto Egea
 The Beat  Michael M
 The Bodies Connection  J. Louis & Ferran Vs Taito Tikaro
Title Performer / Composer
 Stop Payling  Jerzzey Boy feat. M.J. White
 Runaway Love  Bobby D’Ambrosio feat. Lasala
 Hard You  The Producers
 Moonraker  Dario Nuñez & David Vio
 Enjoy Me  Chus Soler & Gabi Cubero feat. Maraia
 Scream & Shout  Victor Magan & Jason Tregebov
 Rush!  Bass & Penn
 Set me Free  Allan Ramirez & Dustin Robbins
 Evolution Of House Beats  David Ferrero
 Throught With You  Little Green Men feat. Eliza
 Revolution And Rise  Dynamix feat. Miss Michie