Fashion TV Club Session (CD+DVD)

The Fashion Tv album is composed of one music cd and the fabulous fashion summer show produced by Roberto Giordano on dvd. Look at beautiful Top Model dressed with taste. Very original clothing, underwears, bathing suits, dresses, furs, in live from the beach of Punta del Este on the Atlantic coast. It’s fresh, colourful and unique. It is worthwhile.





Title Performer / Composer
 Les Djinns (Trentemoller remix)  Djuma Sound System
 Daydream  Massivan
 Unidos Para La Musica  David Vendetta
 From The Stars  Montilla
 Changes (club mix)  Chris Lake
 Lost  Roger Sanchez
 Fantasy (Redkone remix)  DJ Paul
 Florence  Dousk
 Crash (full vocal mix)  Rachael Starr
 The Rub (David Vendetta remix)  Kurd Maverick
 Dubio  Mathew Dekay & Roob V
 Tonight (Kurd Maverick remix)  Sonique
 Yeah Yeah  Bodyrox
Title Performer / Composer
 Be Mine (Electro Groove Remix)  Elio Riso & Raffunk
 Take U Inside (Dee Nice Remix)  Gee Moore Feat. Pigbway
 Freakin (Elio Riso & Raffunk)  Danny Graham
 Round 2 (Original Mix)  Les Schmitz vs Oliver Schmitz
 Breathe (Fonge Black Remix)  Michael Haiser
 Minds (Original Mix)  Dose 3

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