Finca A.M. Electronica Balear (2CD + 1DVD)

Finca A.M. Electronica Balear 2011 is a selection of electronic house music influenced by the night clubs of the hottest balearic spot, Ibiza. Omms Ibiza presents the best soundtracks of 2011 to fullfil your summer of sounds, beats and images.





Title Performer / Composer Time
Malaria Sub FM 2:16
Dragonflies Jose Padilla & Kirsty Keatch 3:50
Boat Trip (feat. Nesreen Bibi Shah) Coyote 7:42
Your Girl Julee Cruise & DJ Dmitry 4:10
Dub Me Free The Leap 4:22
Children of Bokonon (feat. Noëlle) Slow Pulse 4:07
Jazzbah Atfunk 3:08
Many Steps Slow Pulse & Cathy Battistessa 4:30
Two Dots Lusine 4:39
S.A.W. Tanlines 3:28
Odessa Caribou 5:15
Pou Des Lleó Lux Second 0:32
Little Boots Harvey & Locussolus 7:46
Juice (feat. Nuwella) Lux Second 3:19
Love Cry Fourtet 9:08
Sunlamp Show (Disco Bloodbath Effect) The Aliens 9:40
Title Performer / Composer Time
Tears In Rain J.F. Sebastian 4:05
More Than Ever People Levitation 7:20
Breathe Haze 5:27
Universal Unfolding (feat. Gram’ma Funk) Over Soul 5:42
The Moon Is Still Lit Luke Sanders 7:37
Way To Alhambra Denis Stern 8:13
Setting Sun (feat. Inaya Day) J.F. Sebastian 6:10
Appreciation (feat. Tina Welzel) Jelly & Fish 3:47
Out of Time Levitation 4:34
Riva (feat. Cathy Battistessa) Slow Pulse 4:44
Title – DVD Performer / Composer Time
15 Years of Electronica Balear finca a.m. 5:13
The Ambush D.N.A. 4:24
Electric Circus D.N.A. 3:47
Sweat DJ Sweep 3:16
Bona Nit Payeses 3:40
Way to Alhambra Denis Stern 2:38
Blackcurrant Cheesecake Arian 5:26
DNA Trace D.N.A. 4:55
Dadap Dadap Arian 2:35


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