Flashback The Album (3CD)

Directly from Switzerland, the dj pioneer Jamie Lewis mixed these 3 cds of house music of his own with the favourites of the last decades. This is 25 years of experience in the most famous club in the world, mainly in Ibiza, Switzerland, England and United States.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
Give Jamie Lewis & Cynthia Manley 7:58
The Light Jamie Lewis 8:27
Wedding Crashers Best Of Men DJs 7:25
It’s On Your Face (Album Mix) Jamie Lewis & Michael Watford 4:10
El Bimbo (Passion) Anthony Romeno 7:38
Believe (Album Mix) Jamie Lewis 8:05
Feel Alive (Jamie Lewis Vibe Mix) Demitrios Project 7:47
Queixume (Jamie Lewis ReworkeD) Tom & Joyce 8:35
Gospel (Jamie Lewis Dub Cut) Hanna Haïs 6:43
Stay (Jamie Lewis Outer Space Mix) Jamie Lewis 6:54
Title Performer / Composer Time
Stereo Flava Hifi Mike 7:43
For You (Jamie Lewis New Jersey Club) Jamie Lewis 8:03
Mo’ Butter (Jamie Lewis Darkroom Mix) Jamie Lewis 7:53
Be Thankful (Main Mix) Jamie Lewis 8:52
Any Love (Jamie Lewis Masterjam Mix) DJ Meme Orchestra 7:33
Give You (Jamie Lewis House Cut) Djaimin 8:02
You Are the One (Jamie Lewis Nu Flava) Cerrone 8:15
So Alive (Jamie Lewis Darkroom Mix) Kings of Tomorrow 6:03
Streetlife (Classic Vocal Mix) Jamie Lewis 6:47
Hooked On You (Jamie Lewis Main Mix) Cerrone 7:54
Title Performer / Composer Time
Not Too Shabby (Vocal Mix) Cerrone 6:34
It’s Over (Main Mix) Jamie Lewis 7:17
Champs Elysées Theme Bob Sinclar 6:40
So Sexy (Darkroom Mix) Jamie Lewis & DJ Pippi 7:14
Has Your Man Got Soul? Milk & Sugar 7:58
The Light (Jamie Lewis Main Mix) Jamie Lewis 9:02
You Can Make It (Jamie Lewis Classic) Shawn Christopher 6:43
It’s On Your Face (Jamie Lewis Club Mix) Jamie Lewis 7:46
Unity (Darkroom Mix) Jamie Lewis 7:36
Sunshine Hotel (2003 Main Mix) Jamie Lewis & Nick Morris 7:27



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