Formentera Chill Vol. 5 (1CD)

Formentera Chill 5 is a genuine spark for the Touch of Class Formentera Chill series. From the moment you start this musical journey, Formentera Chill 5 makes you feel a warm serenity while listening to the first track ‘Thru The Night’. Furthermore you will discover the way to your heart with ‘My Love’, both written by Ingo Herrmann and performed by Luis Hernandez who goes on with ‘Rodeo Drive’. We stay in the same chillin good atmosphere but with the plus of the beautiful vocals of ‘Time To Live’ performed and composed by Tim Stahl and John Gudberg. And now, feel Brooklyn ‘Warm Summer Night’ that will uplift you with great vocals and music performed by Mystic Diversions on the lyrics of N. Rogers and Bernard Edwards.

After that, relax and let  Martin Strathausen touches your soul with the poetic lyrics of ‘La Passifleur’, la passifleur … la passifleur, une odeur fine de floraison … un jour en été performed by Tape Five; followed by Marcel,  and not the less, ‘Kisses’ Original Mix enhanced by warm voice and melody.

And it’s not the end of what this compilation has to offer, let experiment rhythm and perfect piano bar ambiance with ‘Patches of Light’ and ‘You Got Feeling’ without forgetting ‘Warm’ beautiful vocals, while ‘Oochi Gucci’ will surely make you sing for hours. Following is Hush the Kings Remix version of ‘Hurricane’ by Danny Darko featuring Julien Kelland. And to end this journey, enjoy the lightness touch of ‘Lazy Afternoon at Playa den Bossa’ performed by Sunset Chill Ensemble.

Just a pure sensual musical experience that beautifully reflects Formentera sunny and chill island.

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Title Performer / Composer
Thru The Night Luis Hermandez
My Love Luis Hermandez
Rodeo Drive Luis Hermandez
Time To Live John Guldberg & Tim Stahl
Warm Summer Night Mystic Diversions
La Passifleur Tape Five
Kisses Marcel
Patched Of Lights (Jex Opolis Remix) A Vision of Panorama
Warm Ingo Herrmann
Oouchi Gucci John Guldberg, Tim Stahl, Arthur Stander
You Got Feeling (Piano Bar Beats Mix) Sunset Del Mar Allstars
Hurricane Danny Darko Ft. Julien Kelland
Lazy Afternoon At Playa den bossa Sunset Chill Ensemble

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