Formentera Chill 6 (1CD)

Formentera Chill 6 compiled and mixed by Curro Bermudez starts with the beautiful Lounge of Love Mix “Apologize” by Re:lounge, telling the eternal theme of every love stories composed of sadness and touching lyrics. To go on with the perfect summer languid chill “Deeper Love” by Marga Sol blowing Ibiza warm breeze. We keep moving forward with Eve St Jones who interprets the very mellow song “Space Cowboys” (Not in digital version) written by J. Kay. She sings with a velvety voice, subtle solo highlights, and sophisticated reharmonizations sound that meet music and create a worthwhile vocal with a little something. “Adeus” a nice instrumental by Monte La Rue, takes us in a jazzy piano bar music ambience, soft and joyful. “What We Had” follows with the special voice of Marga Sol whispering in our ears. And we are on a good wave with Re:lounge delightful song “Killer, where piano, bass and drums are completely in harmony to make us sing and move. “Don’t Speak” (Not in digital version) by Sarah Menescal written by N. Khayat and S. Germanotta fits also perfectly into this sunny Formentera Chill Out compilation.

We enter now in an ethereal space with the dreamy American beauty Aandra and her song “Ethereal”. Leaving the gifted singer and instrumentalist Alexandra Hampton we make a jump to France with Fhin, Brice Rivallin, a young singer, composer and producer loving freedom. Breath a fresh air full of poetry and spontaneity with his song “Already Know That”. Jazz is coming back with a genuine one called “Sax 4 Sex” by Alejandro de Pinedo taking care of guitar and bass, Lucas Moreno at the saxophone, Iván del Castillo playing trumpet and Rosa Ruiz performing the vocals.The journey goes on with Man in a Room from Ireland, official nominee of Hollywood Music in Media Awards, with “The Confidential” composed by Steve Connoly, featuring Mc Fava (Philip Warthmann) & Jett (Bridget Insinna) at the vocals. Entering the scene now, the Greek Dj Dousk, Giannis Douskos, bringing a delicate touch with his composition “Anagram” before Lemongrass ends this successful selection with a subtle and fine piano melody “Sur la mer” composed by Roland Voss.

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Title Performer / Composer
Apologize Re:Lounge
Deeper Love Marga Sol
Space Cowboy Eve St Jones
Adeus Monte La Rue
What We Had Marga Sol
Killer Re:Lounge
Don’t Speak Sarah Menescal
Ethereal Aandra
Already Know That Fhin
Sax 4 Sex Alejandro de Pinedo
Confidential Man in a Room
Anagram Dousk
Sur la mer Lemongrass

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