Formentera Chill Vol. 3 (1CD)

Formentera Chill Vol. 3 2014 allows yourself to be carried in the wave, stirring up emotions without being restricted, starting with the beautiful chill out song “Say Hello” featuring Mo’jardo. You will recognize the blue CD cover, always as blue as it should be to remember you the indescribable landscape appearing before your eyes after crossing the typical Formentera wooden bridge lined with discrete pink and yellow flowers.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Say Hello  Mo’jardo  5:18
 Samarkand (Original Mix)  Krystian Shek & Nina Ramsby  5:40
 On The Run (Original Mix)  Velvet Lounge Project  3:50
 Yesterday (Original Mix)   Anthony Island  4:29
 Let It Go (Original Mix)  II Santo  4:00
 In Harmony (Original Mix)  Velvet Lounge Project  4:52
 La fleur de la musique (Loca People Mix)  Soleil Fisher  5:17
 Stars (Retro Chill The Sun Mix)  Sevastopool  5:40
 Get Carried Away (Chill Out Mix)  Marco Finotello ft. Sandy Spady  5.10
 The Day We Met (Original Mix)  II Santo  3:05
 How Far, How Long (Original Mix)  Velvet Lounge Project  4.03
 Peculiar  DJ Pippi  4:35
 First Love  Ross Couch  3:55
 Black Chocolate  Krystian Shek  3:50

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