Freakshow (2CD)

Freaks like us are people who have dedicated themselves so deeply to their passion and live it to such an extent that they want to pass it on to others and want them to be part of this eternal fascination. For decades Ibiza and its party culture has captivated thousands. Since the early seventies, art fans and music lovers from all over the world have met here to worship the sun and celebrate the night. They have all been here: ageing hippies, psy-rockers, reggae musicians and of course the disco freaks and pilgrims of electronic dance music who are searching for acid house, techno and balearic beats; Ibiza has become the capital of the United Nation Of Freaks!

Looking back over the past successful seasons, we have thought of something special. Having developed our very own style throughout the years – like no other party on the island – we lay claim to one of the hottest spots in Ibiza! It is now time to take care for some of our offspring among the freaks! So, in the eighth season, we have our own freaks slipping out of the cocoons to surprise you with larger-than-life masks and costumes; in order to make the absolute freak show perfect. Also, musically, we consistently follow our path.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Belleville (Matt Star Rmx) Edit  Gadgets  0:05
 Stop, Start  Michal Ho  5:57
 Matchmaker  Boris Werner & Lauhaus  4:14
 Original (Samim Rmx)  Tiefschwarz  3:06
 Give Me  Rob Mello  5:05
 Take Away  Michal Ho  4:17
 Do U Lynch  Davide Squillace  3:27
 Laydback  Inti Cornelius  2:51
 Plastik  Simon Baker  5:57
 Halikarnas  Onur Özer  8:49
 Tranquellite  Jens Zimmermann  6:13
 Monoplane  Paul Brtschitsch  4:37
 Like A Child (Carl Craig Rmx)  Junior Boys  9:11
 Eminor  Wahrlich & Polarte  3:22
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Aphrodisiaque  Digitaline  2:15
 Morning Sir  Baby Ford & Zip  3:57
 Spunaround  Daze Maxim  2:52
 Mafate  Seuil  4:32
 Boog  John Thomas  2:59
 Iarmaroc  Petre Inspirescu  4:46
 Sprachraum  Alex Celler  4:07
 Hypno  Matt Star  4:59
 Going Like You  Rhadoo  5:17
 Dial  Tobias  4:13
 Method To The Madness  Phil Weeks & Chris Carrier  2:59
 Rose  Alex Attias  4:09
 Trommelstunde  Gabriel Ananda  2:27
 Soulkaramba  Matt John  4:23
 L’Delay  Andomat 3000 & Jan  2:53
 De Bou  Petre Inspirescu  3:53
 High Quality Schal (Baby Ford Rmx)  Jin Choi  5:43
 Flow (Unreleased)  Petre Inspirescu  5:31

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