Glitterbox Dr Packer’s Different Strokes (2CD)


Presenting his long awaited full-length album, the king of disco re-edits Dr Packer graces Glitterbox Recordings with six brand new mixes alongside twelve of his rare cuts and well-loved treasures. Dr Packer’s Different Strokes features Dr Packer versions of soulful house favourites, disco standards and groove-laden floorfillers. Following two DJ mixes from Dr Packer featuring bonus tracks, the album kicks off with a bonafide classic.

Dr Packer’s take on Soulsearcher’s ‘Can’t Get Enough!’ maintains all its most iconic elements, the euphoric vocals and timeless groove given a fresh-sounding elasticity. Another highlight and an album exclusive, ‘Big Love’ from Peter Heller’s Big Love is brim full of Dr Packer’s unmistakeable warmth, cowbell accents giving the groove some bump. Next is Dr Packer’s remix of The Shapeshifter’s evergreen ‘Lola’s Theme Recut’ followed by another album exclusive, Candi Staton’s ‘Hallelujah Anyway’. Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz featuring Marc Evans ‘The Way You Love Me’ (Dr Packer Extended Remix) is the third new cut, followed by another new remix for this album, Dr Packer’s version of Johnny Corporate’s ‘Sunday Shoutin’’, picking up the pace with a funking bassline to suit any dynamic disco set. More highlights include Dr Packer’s versions of ‘When Love Breaks Down’ by The Shapeshifters featuring Teni Tinks and ‘Set It Out’ from Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch, both brand new remixes. Dr Packer has done it again – breathing new life into your most beloved dance records so you can fall in love with them all over again.

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Title Performer / Composer
 Big Love (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  Pete Heller’s Big Love
 Lola’s Theme Recut (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  The Shapeshifters
 Hallelujah Anyway (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  Candi Staton
 The Way You Love Me (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  Ron Hall & The MuthaFunkaz featuring Marc Evans
 All I Do (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  Cleptomaniacs featuring Bryan Chambers
 Find A Friend (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  DJ John ‘Julius’ Knight
 Love Is What You Need (Look Ahead) (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  King Unique
 Get Another Love (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  Kathy Brown
 Holding You Tight (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  Sure Thing
Title Performer / Composer
 Can’t Get Enough! (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  Soulsearcher
 Sunday Shoutin’ (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  Johnny Corporate
 Bad Habit (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  ATFC featuring Lisa Millett
 Still In Love (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  Shuya Okino featuring Navasha Daya
 I Want To Thank You (Dr Packer Extended Edit)  LaTrece
 When Love Breaks Down (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  The Shapeshifters featuring Teni Tinks
 Wanna Give It Up (Dr Packer’s Extended Légo’s Dub Remix)  Ralphi Rosario with Linda Clifford
 Set It Out (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch
 I’ll Be Good (Dr Packer Extended Remix)  Soul Rebels featuring Lisa Millett

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